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Visual Mind 9.0

Organize your ideas into clear visual representations

Visual Mind is a powerful tool that will help you in your daily work, whether the purpose is business or personal related. Through a mind friendly and simple to use interface, you can visualize your thinking, quickly arrange and organize your work, all to benefit you as well as people around you.

Planning and organizing are key elements in businesses and professionals daily life. Visual Mind increases your capabilities and improves your efficiency through simple graphical techniques.

Visual Mind is a great tool for creative sessions. Brainstorming is a lot easier when participants can share the same graphical view throughout the whole process. Arranging and structuring your ideas becomes even easier as you utilize the built-in functionality of Visual Mind.

Inspired by the renowned "mind mapping" study technique, Visual Mind improves ability to learn and help students clarify thought processes. Utilizing the mind�s ability to understand and remember visual information is a key element in the mind mapping technique.

Note taking is generally the initial step in a study process and, Visual Mind provides a graphical user interface that combines flexibility with structure. Students add new information elements to a map as, knowledge of a chosen subject increases.

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Visual Mind


Visual Mind 9.0

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    Horrific/non-existing customer support.
    The program in itself is fair enough. Albeit somewhat archaic. However...   More